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Thread: No free lunch but all the free coffee you can drink

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilus78
    The man was on the web 2 times back, after therefore extended [</br9>[/img]....on March 15th, 2013. [</br8>[/URL] image Dang, I lost something ...something associated . Peter..... if u read here again, kindly only e-mail me Forex.St lt;ATgt; I've some thing fascinating(for me prolly for u) to discuss. Merely a ping is sufficient. Regards
    TMI guy...


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    Quote Originally Posted by desiree90
    I desired to convey my gratitude for this particular train of thought. I stumbled about it it every phrase that Peter Crowns wrote including his ranting where he vowed never to come back. [</br9>[/img]
    The man was on the web 2 times back, after therefore extended [</br9>[/img]....on March 15th, 2013.
    Dang, I lost something ...something associated .
    Peter..... if u read here again, kindly only e-mail me Forex.St lt;ATgt;
    I've something fascinating(for me prolly for u) to discuss. Merely a ping is sufficient.

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    Threads such as this and men like Peter are why I nevertheless adore the web [</br9>[/img]

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    hi, thakyou on your sharing, now I've to fit it with my time zone.
    and hey I believe I want alot of java since it is going to be midnight within my area. [</br9>[/img]

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    Quote Originally Posted by ifandos
    Threads like this and men like Peter are why I nevertheless adore the web [</br9>[/img]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madriles002
    mariajesuspt a.k.a XaMe fooled y'all.
    Really? So this refined writing comes from the sam-e 'guy' we see on his thrift store buys being talked about by

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    Hello Peter,
    I was going to deliver you a private message but believed it'd be better to post-it in public places therefore that the others can observe the way your guidance aided a lot of men.

    I've been studying your content for over 4 4 months now and actually impressed with all the simplicity of your process. I've tested it rather a times also it is sensible. For sharing these details, I'm indebted to you personally.

    I'd likewise like to understand If you provide any form of compensated aid to mongers like me? Please do not take-me incorrect but the title of the post states it all [</br9>[/img] I've had the java and now I desire to have a luncheon, If you consider me worthy enough.

    Thanks again for your own guidance that's transformed lives of several. You will not want it anymore although adored it when you mentioned Wish you luck

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    Hi SufiFx,
    I believe you need to take a look at this: [</br8> price-action-charts-on-the-h4-and-daily-tf.html[/URL]

    Here the Jaroo h AS summarized and described issues at length. In the event you'd like to discuss mo Re permit me know and we can FYI, I've been studying this thread for mo-Re than SIX MONTHS months and actually this looks like a strategy that was simple but requires time to to understand.


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    what a fantastic thread ! I came across unintentionally also it turned the finest point thats occurred if you ask me as significantly as fx goes out.
    trading doesn't always have have to be challenging or intricate in fact it may possibly appear overly simple, but that accocunts for for the occasions where you'd little losses nicely said the authentic veterinarian

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    In regards to the 1hr chart inside tavern. Is the entry centered on x a-Mount of pips spread above/below the pub that was inner? Or would you wait to get a 1hr near above/under?

    Has anyone looked over a-5 minutes close above below etc.?

    By the way this thread is gold.

    Thanks Peter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mariaguarmon
    quote quote On my platform (Inter Bank FX) 01:00 EST is 05:00 GMT. Higher likelihood trades in the very first 6 to 9 hours of the day On my platform London opens a T 08:00 GMT (04:00 AM EST)
    I undersand the sense of the open candle, finishing of the asian session , getting into the opening of Europe.

    Hardly any trade occurs right on the very first hour, along with the greatest volatility is typically in the starting of London, and again in the starting of N York.

    Peter also mentioned folks being successfull trading the asian hrs, with their specific currencies: 83000 jpy , aussies , Nzd...

    It´s simply good sense..

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    Ok, so yesterday I Have continued my analysis and identified the way to deal with the unsuccessful years - 2009 and 2012. I have produced the LotsPer100 additionally varying and begins finding ideal worth for every span - hence as the outcome we've five optimization parameters:
    DayStart - 4-to 8, measure 1 hour
    DayEnd - 21 to 23, measure 1 hour
    RiskRatio - 0.05 to 0.1, measure 0.01
    TrailStopIntervalMins - 5 to 60, measure 5 minutes
    LotsPer100 - 0.01 to 0.05, action 0.01

    Now when optimizing this strategy for each of these years we can easiliy see how the parameters are transforming with the market. Additionally I Have discovered that what actually changes the strategy is two parameters - LotsPer100 and its RiskRatio. It appears like it somehow is dependent upon the bar S range (ATR?) - I've not figured out how to convey it mathematically however....
    So actually there are four versions of those parameters which really impacts the outcomes:
    1. RiskRatio = maximum, LotsPer100 = maximum
    2. RiskRatio = minute, LotsPer100 = maximum
    3. RiskRatio = maximum, LotsPer100 = minute
    4. RiskRatio = minute, LotsPer100 = minute

    So again, here the problem I am facing: IF SOMEHOW it will likely be possible depending on the prior/current market state to recognize whether RiskRatio and LotsPer100 ought to be elevated/reduced we could get the strategy flexible to the market adjustments. I have got a gut feeling that somehow it might be deducted in the market changes we're confronting in the current amount of time - for instance, the rule needs to be some thing like if ATR for last N bar-S rise afterward we desire RiskRatio up andLotsPer100 down etc... Or it might be somehow centered on larger timeframes - for instance whether daily taverns get larger so market begins doing larger swings...

    So men I truly appreciate any assist! From my facet I discuss and can execute the code for the E A in line with the outcomes of our thoughts so everyone discuss it here and could analyze his thoughts.

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    6 Attachment(s) Hello everyone
    Encountered this thread sometimes also it seems extremely fascinating! Of course I'd like to thank Peter Crowns for insights that are intriguing! It appears as actually intriguing foundation for the trading strategy.
    I Have read through the complete thread and determined to made some backtesting centered on information provided here. Really what I'd like to discuss is a few miscellaneous effects I Have got - I Have backtested for years 2008 to 2014.
    Here is the EA I Have produced to backtest the strategy - you're wel come to utilize it.


    E A Description
    The strategy is pretty easy and executes Peter Crowns methodology - we're determining the shut price of the previews day and if interior bar was formed involving the trading hrs (for illustration 6 GMT and 22 GMT) putting stop orders above or below it. All orders that are not hit expire by the end of the trading period (i.e. a T 2-2 GMT).
    Inside tavern definition (BTW this is only one of the section which can be underneath the issue for me):
    - kid tavern minutes gt; parent bar minutes, youngster tavern maximum lt; parent tavern maximum
    - kid bar human anatomy lt; parent bar physique
    - parent candle is bearish and youngster is bullish and reverse

    Pending orders are set on min and maximum of the youngster candle spread.

    If I understood Peter's initial notion the stops must be put on other side of the kid candle. Here is an alternative part I Have an issue about (and open to discuss): my experiments reveal that because we're not commanding the aspect of the candles the stops may be overly tight - i.e. the trade does not have DianaArandojo to breath. So this component was marginally shifted - I am utilizing % of the account to risk for every trade here.

    Main Parameters:
    DayStart - hour when trading begins broker time (my broker is 2 GMT) - i.e. when defined 8 it means that trades could be put just after 8:00
    DayEnd - hour when trading finishes - i.e. when set-to 2-2 means that all pending orders will expire after after that time - 23:00
    RiskRatio = % of account to risk on each trade - i.e. 0.08 signifies that we're risking with 8% of our stability per trade
    TrailStopIntervalMins - time-interval to trail stops - i.e. when place to 30 it'll be trailing the stops each half an hour after order open time
    TrailStop - flag to place trailing stop on/off (always setto ON)

    Additional parameters:
    SkipMonths - ;-separated list of amounts of months when not to trade (not used yet)
    SkipHours - ;-separated list of amounts of hours when not to trade (not used yet)
    Slippage - used to establish slippage (setto 5 by default)
    LotsPer100 - this EA uses dynamic standing size and here we can establish how many lots to establish per each $100 of equilibrium (set to 0.02 by default)
    TimeFrame - time frame we're using to trade (curently its set to H1)
    TimeFrameLong - more time frame to identify day-ending close price (set to D1) - this one is used to identify day-ending price

    To comprehend how the strategy acts I am performing the subsequent operation. For each year from 2008 to 2014 I am attempting to locate blend of parameters DayStart, DayEnd, RiskRatio and TrailStopIntervalMins which gives the greatest results and see what're these results - i.e. profit, drawdown and amount of trades.
    Ranges for the parameters:
    DayStart - 4 to 8, measure 1 hour
    DayEnd - 21 to 23, measure 1 hour
    RiskRatio - 0.05 to 0.1, measure 0.01 (i.e. we're risking in range of 5% to 10% of account per trade - where 10% is really fairly mad [</br9>[/img] )
    TrailStopIntervalMins - 5 to 60, measure 5 minutes

    Initial account balance - $3 000
    Pair - EURUSD

    Below are the results. Please notice that these results are with distinct values for each of these four parameters
    2008/1/1 - 2009/1/1

    2009/1/1 - 2010/1/1
    No successful outcomes here - i.e. strategy blows it with any mix of parameter
    Note. I'd say that 2009 is perhaps not due to the catastrophe and the things, a year. But still it'll be great to have the strategy which may bypass such disagreeableIntervals because normally we realize that that is the awful year just once it is currently handed or we're in the vey midst of it and screwed up our account previously [</br9>[/img]

    2010/1/1 - 2011/1/1

    2011/1/1 - 2012/1/1

    2012/1/1 - 2013/1/1
    No productive outcomes

    2013/1/1 - HT41#19ML 2013/1/1 - 2014/1/1

    2014/1/1 - 2015/1/1

    So this is actually the the concerns I'd like to discuss:
    1. First of all we can easily note that even with optimized parameters the outcomes change fairly significantly - i.e. twelve months you can make 10x or even more of first equilibrium, but on other years it fully blows or makes somthing like 50% to 100%. How exactly we could help it become even more secure - i.e. suppose have merely 2x 3-x of account per year will be okay but we should have more-or-less secure results over time.
    2. Also the draw downs can be noticed by you - and they're enormous! The way to stabilize it? I'd say that for me personnaly 3-5%- 40% draw down is fine in case every year if I will double in the long term.
    3. As the market is changing from year to year - What method should we utilize to choose consistently the parameters near to ones that are best? The sole data we have is the previous - Which methodologies we could utilize to get the parameters which at least WOn't ruin our account?

    Feel free to state your ideas/criticism/suggestions [</br9>[/img]


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    showthread.php?p=2001135#post2001135 Disliked Let's evaluation. From how I interpreted the DIBS Method that is. It doesn't mean that it's erroneous if yours is different. As long as you remain together with the assumption that at the beginning of the Day ( the Open) we draw a line in the sand. This line will help us ascertain the trend of the day, which might result in the following week or the trend of the following day or month or year. When Price moves from the Open of the day-we wait until an Inside Bar (candle) is shaped in the path of the now possible forming trend. In case the trend is upwards (above the Open) and an... Discounted Thanks for the critique

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    Looks just like the train of thought is dead?

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    1 Attachment(s) I took a trade on cable today. my first notion was
    1. IB is practically as huge as preceding bars (a negative stage)
    2. There is absolutely no momentum (a negative stage)

    an afterward I thought, do I give a shit?... I mentioned, I I will be saying no I dont. (its only the way I process information. So that It helps me stay objective)
    therefore subsequently the 2nd devil. Because its not extremely good looking set up lets consider half the risk. (A rather legitimate and realistic call.) but I believed again, Do I give a shit. and I did go with my normal Risk %age per trade. I am happy I did that.

    Its a FREE-TRADE currently.

    Edit: oops. Erroneous train of thought. but merely reaslise somebody posted thread is dead only before me. therefore I'll leave this place here. Only like this since its lifeless. [</br9>[/img]

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    Quote Originally Posted by vixo10
    Seems just like the train of thought is dead?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quote
    This Is Actually The the E A I Have produced to backtest the strategy - You're welcome to work with it.
    Any opportunity you'll post a variant the code can be viewed?

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    I wish to thanks for the insights, knowledge and elucidations which you have posted to date. After reading your posts I've come away with better comprehensions. I really hope someday you might be bored enough impart even more insight and to come straight back here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andreeitamadrid
    I wish to thanks for the insights, knowledge and elucidations which you have posted to date. After reading your posts I've come away with better comprehensions. I really hope someday you might be bored enough to come straight back here again and impart even more penetration to us.
    I ASSUME you are addressing PC?

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