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Thread: Girl scout leader wanted for stealing $15k worth of cookies

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    Girl scout leader wanted for stealing $15k worth of cookies

    1 Attachment(s) And you believed you loved Thin Mints and Samoas.

    A Girl Scout leader from Kentucky went away from home after allegedly stealing more than $1 5,000 worth of cookies from not only her own troop, but possibly neighboring troops too, reports the Appalachian News-Express.

    Leah Ann Vick, of Auxier, Ky., was formally indicted by a Pike County jury on a charge of “felony theft by unlawful taking,” and faces up to 10 years in jail if convicted, according to district lawyer Rick Bartley.

    Authorities are presently seeking for Vick, 2-6, who they think to be actively evading police force. The crime initially occurred on Feb. 1, per the indictment. In line with the Bartley, Vick found a huge order of cookies on her Wilderness Road chapter — and maybe a couple of orders owned by other troops — in Pikesville, Ky.

    Vick was then intended to return to spend for the cookies once they'd been sold (the neighborhood troops do not typically offer payment in advance), but she never returned. The Girl Scouts also say they've no report of Vick dropping the shipment together with her girls of her troop off.

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    Finally some news worth reading

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    The way media function, you know, you will need to link the dots together somehow and significantly. So, the media needs to be asking this question: Were these cookies that are highly-prized passed by the _leader_ to the Russian?

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    Dang!!! no question SPX is down 1%

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    Short cookie stocks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serrano04 View Post
    Dang!!! no question SPX is down 1%
    Fed is anticipated to begin balancing their balance-sheet at end of the yr. They'll probably need to communicate some depth at June Fed meeting on their intention. The USD will be possibly boosted by any talk.

    The big-money needs to start re-positioning now since June meeting is just a couple of week later. They possibly are shifting from the bubble-like stock market in to 2500. They should orchestrate weak 75000 circumstance leading to the June meeting in order that they could position themselves in to LENGTHY 75000 in a great Andre1 as the other retails driving on the weak 2500 momentum they generated sold the 2500 placement to them unknowingly. This is some thing I eyesight when Fed first sign their intention to taper their QE at end-of yr, will occur only at that time of the year. It's all occurring now as per-story script.

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    Girl Scout cookie is correlated to 2500

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    WWIII has just strated! All of US are gonnadie

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    Its straight back to Dickensian times, Girl imprisoned for consuming all of the cookies! Can not you see the face of the lady that is bad? She wants aid than imprisonment for overeating?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serrano04
    dang!!! No question spx is down 1%
    hahahahahahahah excellent one

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    Is stealing cookies now a cyber offence ?

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    OMG, I I am hoping she enjoys these cookies..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ill-b-back View Post
    OMG, I I am hoping she enjoys these cookies..
    It was her only hope in joining the SJW's and Fat Acceptance. At least that will be her plea when she's nabbed

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    Quote Originally Posted by anaais6
    quote It was her only hope in joining the SJW's and Fat Acceptance. At least that will be her plea when she's nabbed
    Ha yeah, perhaps not actually a progressive action to boast to your own kids about or paste on FB

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    She just desires a human anatomy to coincide with her encounter, that is all.

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