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Thread: Rtrs - u.s. secret service says white house on lockdown, reason unclear

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    Rtrs - u.s. secret service says white house on lockdown, reason unclear

    BREAKING[alloy:url:0][/alloy:url:0][alloy:title:0]The White House is on lock down after somebody tried to climb over the fence[/alloy:title:0][alloy:concept:0]BREAKING[/alloy:concept:0][alloy:date line:0]1494966805[/alloy:date line:0]

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    I guess Trump completed sumthin silly....err what is new.

    Bread and circuses!!

    Sad times

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    Trump down - Dollar up

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    Atempted to climb the fence, to get out or to get in?

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    Really? ...somebody tried to climb on the fence...
    This isn't a danger unless they attempted climing the fence having an M1A1 Abrams Tank
    reb-4 2nd

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    Stand down .. Its Hillary considering she won the election again

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