It is my privilege to talk to you personally tonight, on behalf of those whom you distinguished by awarding an honorary doctorate of the University of Tel Aviv.
We come from various fields of human endeavour. Company, politics, policy, background and of course investigation that is fundamental. Our achievements are varied. Nevertheless they all are based on exploitation, experimentation and cautious accumulation of information. Knowledge fostered and developed by colleges such as yours.
And I can not but identify the profound impact of the search for knowledge in my own memory of current activities. The subsequent sovereign debt crisis in Europe, along with the eruption of the global economic crisis in 2008, caused a deep recession worldwide, a sharp increase in unemployment and uncovered the incompleteness of some components of the EU institutional architecture. Fertile problems to give voice to nationalistic and populist rhetoric.
But that period of crisis was also conducive to enhancing our understanding of economic and political forces, and to translating this new knowledge into motion. The crisis has therefore led to a type of destruction, where paradigms that were proven have already been critically re-visited, where new study resolved previously neglected elements of our societies and where so under kinds have exposed and changed flawed methods. This energy has equally formed our plan and significantly deepened our understanding of economics reaction.
The crisis is now behind us. The recovery in the euro region is resilient a