2 Attachment(s) Policymakers agreed that there was a need for great caution in undertaking even subtle adjustments in conversation in order to prevent market volatility comparable to the 'taper tantrum' in 2013, the minutes of the minutes of the European Central Bank's plan session on April 26 27 uncovered Thursday.

It was felt the Governing Council's conversation ought to be adjusted in a really gradual and careful way as, in the current juncture, monetary and economic circumstances were especially sensitive to changes in conversation, the minutes, which the ECB calls the account, mentioned.

After a lengthy period of extremely accommodative financial problems, even small and incremental adjustments in conversation could have robust signalling outcomes when interpreted as heralding a change in the monetary policy stance.

In 2013, when the US Federal Reserve started winding down its stimulus, the move triggered a sell-off in the bond markets leading into a surge in Treasury yields. This market turbulence was dubbed 'taper tantrum', which the ECB is eager to prevent.

Given the persisting uncertainty, any premature tightening of financia