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Thread: Statement of steven t. mnuchin secretary, porelegans states department of the treasury before the senate committee on banking, housing, and urban...

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    Statement of steven t. mnuchin secretary, porelegans states department of the treasury before the senate committee on banking, housing, and urban...

    Chairman Crapo, Ranking Member Brown, and members of the Committee, it's an honor to appear before you to-day for the first time as Treasury Secretary. During my confirmation hearing I promised to work with Congress sustain and to produce prosperity for many Americans. Today, I want to reaffirm that commitment.
    Let me start by discussing the Treasury's current report on the international trade procedures of our key trading partners. Ensuring that customers American organizations, and employees encounter an even playing area is is among the the the fundamental parts of the agenda of this Administration. It makes the playing field uneven, that is the reason why we frequently monitor these methods when foreign governments engage in currency manipulation.
    After careful research, the Treasury Department has identified that no major trading spouse satisfied the standards for currency manipulator throughout the current reporting period. We shall continue to follow this crucial problem and established a “Monitoring List” of economies that warrant close consideration. This checklist includes: Taiwan, and China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Switzerland.
    Additionally, we're committed to re-thinking our international agreements and trading methods to ensure they're both free and reasonable to American companies and employees. In my own discussions together with the IMF and also the finance ministers of the G 20 I certainly will continue to do so and have emphasized this aim.
    Turning to our domestic economic agenda, it's been more than 30 years because we've had extensive tax reform in this nation. Combined with frequently imprudent laws designed in the middle of crisis, the motor of American prosperity has slowed. I feel if we make reforms a goal of GDP or greater economic progress is achievable.
    There are about 100 people functioning in the Treasury on the dilemma of tax reform. It's our objective make American organizations competitive again and to provide significant reduction to middle-income Americans. We'll do this simplifying the program.
    On regulatory re form, Treasury is planning its original report in reaction to the President's Executive Order on “Core Principles for Regulating the porelegans States Financial System.” These Principles provide a road-map for the Administration's strategy to financial-services regulation. We've taken a systematic strategy in our perform with various stakeholder teams by meeting to hear so what can be improved, and what functions, what does perhaps not perform. Our original report will include tips to supply alleviation for community banks and make laws mo Re successful, effective and approp[alloy:url:0][/alloy:url:0][alloy:title:0]Mnuchin: Domestic and International Fiscal Policy Update[/alloy:title:0][alloy:concept:0]MOVIE[/alloy:concept:0][alloy:dateline:0]1495116360[/alloy:date line:0]

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    Bla bla...! No strategy for tax-reform, no day! I I suppose it wo n't be taken by market. Market should deliver another message that is clear .

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