U.S. equities pared gains and gold added to an advance as media reports on the U.S. investigation in to the Trump campaign raised new concerns about the political turmoil that is gripped Washington for months. The SP 500 Index pulled straight back after the New York Times noted President Donald Trump stated that firing FBI Director James Comey relieved a “great strain,” while a near simultaneous report in the Washington Post cited people familiar with the scenario stating the investigation had attained a current White House official. The 10-year Treasury note yield while the fall of the dollar prolonged, pared developments. The news rekindled issue that the administration's plans will be ensnared by the political woes of Trump for infrastructure spending and tax cuts. Markets had been largely sanguine about developments in Washington, together with the SP 500 before the turmoil spilled over Wednesday, delivering equities to the worst day of the yr achieving a document Monday.