2 Attachment(s) Although there's no money in Amazon's neighborhood banana stands — where the organization continues to be offering free fresh fruit to both employees and locals in Seattle since 2015 — the tech giant's largesse is altering the banana landscape for many nearby businesses.

The brain child of CEO Jeff Bezos, you will find now two stands on its business campus staffed with “banistas” led by “bananagers” who hand out out bananas to anybody and everyone else near-by, whether that is one banana for breakfast or twelve.

Thus far, the organization states it is passed out out more than 1.7 million free banana, reports The Wall Street Journal. But while several people are followers of of the bananas that are free, the others say it is changing banana usage in the neighborhood: Some employees say it is tougher to discover bananas at neighborhood supermarkets, as they used to while eateries have stopped selling as numerous banana.

For instance, the supervisor of one cafe states he believes people are grabbing a free Amazon banana to to hold their morning yogurt, rather than paying the eatery $1 to get a sliced banana. The cafe is supplying banana-flavored things to tempt fresh fruit lovers.

“People have bananas on the mind,” she informed the WSJ.

At still another cafe nearby, a supervisor claims people frequently walk-in to get a meal with free bananas in hand, consume them in the dining table along with other things they order, and after that often abandon their p