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Thread: Bank of england governor falls for email prank but maintains his composure

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    Bank of england governor falls for email prank but maintains his composure

    2 Attachment(s) The Bank of England governor, Mark Carney, has fallen victim to an online prankster who got him to joke about one of his predecessor's intended drinking routines.

    Carney was caught out by the same hoaxer who tricked the Barclays chef, Jes Staley, this month.

    The prankster, who goes on the Twitter manage @SINON_REBORN, emailed Carney from a Hotmail account pretending to be Anthony Habgood, the chair of the Bank's courtroom. In the trade, posted on Twitter, Carney seems initially to drop for the prank and tentatively accepts an invitation into a “soir

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    Prankster? ... Or agent?
    A harmless practical joke? Or a Sting try?

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    If he falls for prank emails who in the world would assume him to comprehend Blockchain or Cryptocurrency, a gray man of a past-time, too outdated for use in the contemporary world ...............

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    This is the man who will create £ from nothing on a pc. We are helped by God.

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