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Thread: Me, myself and i

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    Me, myself and i

    I Have been learning forex for about 2.5 years, trading stay since Jan 1 st, Did excellent the first few months but greed and the sensation of easy-money took over and proved that no matter how good you or your edge is, the market is king.

    I am what they call a Boom and Bust trader and that I need to to interrupt this vicious cycle to be in a position to achieve e-commerce.

    You're welcome to follow my trip

    With this particular thread I hope to be in a position to focus on my problem areas that are mainly centered around self-discipline and endurance.

    So with that I hope by publishing all my trades and also a fast reason why I am using the trade I 'll be able to:</p>Stick to my principles, maybe not be in a position to stabilize my equity curve and over-trade. Hopefully aid somebody else and also get aid from that have been / are going through the same point. </p>
    I can not guarantee that there WOn't pop-up some shit from my every day life as well

    viewer discretion is advised

    I 'll not discuss my TE atm until I believe that sharing it'll not inflict any additional stress to execute.

    So what do I trade?Cost as I view it it and interpret it, I only base my trade from the Daily, H4 and H1 chart. I trade the re-tests of daily and h 4 orderblocks breakouts and I am also constantly learning mo Re, largely about psych. (S O in the event you got any suggestions, fall them off therefore I could check it out!) </p>
    I 'll try and explain the reason why I simply take a trade the finest I can, english is perhaps not my native-language therefore occasionally some phrases may look.. weird and out of place.. sorry for that

    Here goes

    None of what I-say should be considered a trading signal, I'll not consider any duty on your losses in the event you decide to have a trade I have confirmed.

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    1 Attachment(s) Another trade that triggerd nowadays is EURAUD

    My risk, which wasn't meant to be this large, is ~ 2.6% my max is 3% risk

    This trade is centered on a rounded re-test of market construction split on H-1 support turning resistance

    And with every-other trade (there can be exceptions tho!, once it reaches 2 Rs I 'll simply take 50% off and shift SL to BE and let it run its course.

    My possible max R on this is 5.5Rs

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    2 Attachment(s) And lastly AUDJPY also a trigger to day.

    Based of the Daily orderblock rounded re-test of H-4 support turned resistance.

    Low dimensions because of high SL, risking only one% with this trade but if it rises to the EQ of the orderblock I I may load in a different position depending on which Andre1 displays me and if I am about the pc.

    I noticed I forgot to spot my TP, it is down at the prior swing point.

    My risk, as I stated is 1%, this is is among the the trades I shall not simply take half-off a T 2R but rather at 3 and leave rest to to perform, SL at BE.

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    Update on these 3 trades is 4% profit atm.

    Here is where the practice for both my endurance and self-control comes in, maybe not to simply take the profits off too soon as a result of fear of reduction.

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    2 Attachment(s) Here is a setup I am seeking for to come directly into play this week or next, it is the USDCAD daily OB with all the re-test of the H 4 support turned resistance.

    Total risk is 2.5%, possible (best situation) obtain is 1-5%.

    Might alter depending on the way the market moves and what Andre1 informs me me, but this is what it appears like for now.

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    1 Attachment(s) Selling eur

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLAQUISIMO101
    Selling eur image
    Nice! i've been thinking of marketing the EU one for a while.. but I never got the signal.. and I truly need to discover to adhere to my guidelines ha-ha! so no sign = no trade.

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    So I closed my AUDJPY trade, didnt get the re Action I had been searching for a T the le Vel.

    If it start-S dropping, I will seem for a re-entry on a re-trace.

    3~ pips ha ha

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    Quote Originally Posted by ivanguardia
    quote Nice! i've been considering of marketing the EU one for a while.. but I never got the signal.. and I truly need to discover to adhere to my guidelines ha-ha! so no sign = no trade.
    What's your sign bro?

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    2 Attachment(s) So, alot happened through the night

    My EURAUD trade got stopped out, I 'd taken profits currently and shift stop to BE, largely because Andre1 did maybe not shift the way I desired it also, noticed also much support to the down-side. 42 pips.

    My AUDUSD is nevertheless on, 71 pips, I have taken 5% off and moved SL to BE 3-0 pips (former pivot level)

    Looking a T USDCAD, GJ for nowadays, may do a perform from the news if it provides me a sign.

    Green pips to all

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLAQUISIMO101
    quote What's your signal bro?
    Well after I say sign it is just when my edge informs me me to buy / sell, plus it is based off of OBs and SR, largely re-test of SRs that haven't been examined however in conjunction with either path / OBs and ATR. I actually don't use ATR also significantly, but I do value it as an additional confirmation

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    1 Attachment(s) So I added on to my placement on the AUDUSD trade, risking only what's in open float profit 0.5%~ with a really tight stop ~ 1-0 pips.

    I Have currently taken 1R off of this trade, therefore no issue what occurs with this one I am up for the week on AUDUSD as well as my EURAUD trade.

    I added still another place a T still another H-1 market construction split and re-test of this level once I observed some reversal and weakness in Andre1. might be incorrect but I possibly win or I learn!

    Hope this week is treating you all properly, the majority of my pairs have just been ranging in a a good consolidation, anticipating many breakouts with all the news in coming.

    Green pips to you all

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    2 Attachment(s) Spent all day outside just experiencing existence actually .. But it is time to time hitting the charts prior to the huge news fall

    Green pips to all

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    2 Attachment(s) So for the news I am seeking a-T Swissy, short a T possibly .98000 or .98600

    A short triggerd on EUR GBP, risk is 1% and TP is 56%, removed a daily block and a retest of damaged construction to the down-side.

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    2 Attachment(s) So.. Swissy nonetheless have perhaps not come in to perform for me personally, BUT I got a few other indicators (2 to be specific).

    Risking 1-1.5% on each trade (yeah I perform it waay to conservative lol!)

    All obtained from from OBs and retest of damaged support turned resistance.

    First one is the trade I collapsed yesterday (AUDJPY) it restested the OB again and well once again appears kinda weak atm. If this is triggerd it'll be a much greater R/R trade because of tighter stop, iF my SL is hit, I will be looking for shorts from your EQ of the OB which lines up flawlessly with my channels.

    Second trade is UsdJpy short off of the re-test of H-4 market construction split. This trade, the SL is kind a off.. had to t-AKE a-50 pip SL risking 1% so suprisingly low dimensions but with time it may provide a nice return.. So attempting some swing trading out here haha

    Targets are established, SL is in - onto another setup, see what the market gives us

    Green pips to all

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    1 Attachment(s) What I am eye-ing right now is GU long, want it to bounce off of my outer channel with all the resistance around 1.2910~1.2930 but I cannot appear to locate an excellent entry.. might just sit on-hands on this one..

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    1 Attachment(s)
    Quote Originally Posted by
    What i'm eyeing right now is GU long, want it to bounce off of my outer channel with all the resistance around 1.2910~1.2930 but I cannot appear to locate an excellent entry.. might just sit on-hands on this one.. image
    Well my markup was respectable, is a a 3 R trade :/

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    There's a lot of getting strain on AudJpy, maybe not positive easily I ought to shut it again or not.. have an experience it will burst in one course soon.. meh might as-well hold.. I did the markup, I did the analysis on it - allows see how it goes.. either we win or we learn!

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    1 Attachment(s) If EU breaks support I 'll look to get an entry on the re-test of it, I 've an experience that euro is heading down for all of those other week.. might be incorrect! but hey allows attempt it out !

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    1 Attachment(s) Damn, I am actually spamming this thread lol

    Sooooo I am looking to possibly add to my EUR GBP trade, if it reaches the EQ of the block I usually takes an aggressive entry having a a decent sl (nevertheless only 1-2% risk!)..

    We'll see what Andre1 informs me me to do.. that or just abandon this place operating and enter another one a lower level once we are in profit..?

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