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Thread: Me, myself and i

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    Quick update before venturing out out for for lunch with no more looking at charts to get a few hours.

    UJ just hit 1.5R, moved SL to daily large, heading for more of a swing trade.
    A J reaches 0.5R, this is the trade I am most unsure about - may collapse it later tonight if my asian friends do not make it fall more throughout asian session.

    Added another place to the EG trade, a bit more aggressive - complete risk is about 2.5%, right now it is down ~0.7% complete

    Total on all trades is ~ 1%, can alter considerably if EG goes my way, if EG hits my SL I am still up for the week tho so using house money.

    Hope you all are having a fantastic week

    Green pips to you all

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    1 Attachment(s) So here is a trade on AU that triggerd earlier in the day to-day.

    My risk is ~ 1.5% with a 6R finest circumstance goal

    I 'll simply take 50% off once I attain 2R profit and shift SL to BE.

    The trade is centered off the Daily OB along with the H-4 Andre1 reunite to support turned resistance for the first time, anticipating a reversal.

    My SL is just over the physique of the daily block.

    So far 30pips ~ 1.5% (1R)

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    1 Attachment(s) I'm sitting through some small draw down atm - longing for the reversal to start working throughout london on EG.

    Untill that happens I am just paper trading gold, seeking to see what works and what-not.

    My entry are at 1259 (short)
    SL at 1262
    TP at 1250

    Not sure about my TP level, and so I'll keep it relatively open for dialogue! Thinking of relaxation operate permitting using half-off as normal at around 2 Rs and for infinity or till SL.

    Again only paper trading this one

    Green pips to all

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    I made a decision to collapse my EUR GBP ( -0 in the finish) trades in front of the news, I didn't get the response I needed from this Andre1 level, I 'll look to get a reentry later on nowadays most probably

    The most crucial point isn't to make money perse, it is about safeguarding funds to be in a position to maximize return (should you ask me).

    I study someplace from somebody, and that I quote
    The market will be there to morrow, you may not.
    __________________________________________________ _______

    I'm in on EurUsd short, reduced coverage, large SL trading it as a swing trade - no Thing fascinating about it.

    My UsdJpy trade is still-active, removed dimensions and transfer SL to be 10pips. ( 40pips on the remaining place.)

    Feel like I missed the trade of the week which was the GbpUsd trade that I regrettably did perhaps not simply take since I have trust problems with my analysis a-T instances.

    There's constantly new trades.. sucks to ppruina the the truly excellent kinds though

    Green pips to you all

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    3 Attachment(s) GbpUsd hit SL during evening, -1.5%

    UsdCad went my way, taken profits a tiny bit too soon because I 've to depart now and I did perhaps not want to depart it on with the in coming news, cancelling out the GbpUsd loss, 1.5% on UsdCad

    Currently sitting on a short on Gold, will post charts off of it later on

    Hope you all had a good week, I am in profit for now at least, we will see how gold goes!.. I truly want out of gold before news hit.. but atm it is down abit.. I require it to drop about 2-0 pips and i'm golden!

    Green pips, and have an excellent weekend to you all

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    2 Attachment(s) So I got from gold following news hit, hedged the the career to be in a position to get on a greater Andre1 than my entry was, 0.5% I do not actually treatment if it went 100% or BE, I just desired out of that trade.. was perhaps not mine to t-AKE in the beginning!.

    __________________________________________________ _____________

    GbpUsd just hit a daily blocks EQ Andre1 went past it, I got in a a tad too prematurily . to be sincere! with ATR exhaustion - risk is 2.5% SL a few pips below the daily block, targeting at least a 2R trade, this would be the be the last trade for the week.

    Have a fantastic weekend men

    Green pips to you all
    __________________________________________________ _____________


    Aaaand we're done

    -2.5% on GbpUsd, I nevertheless feel it'll turn about, but regrettably without me!

    Done for the week, I'll write an summarize for the week in the weekend and start performing my analysis for forthcoming one

    Have a fantastic weekend everybody

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    Sorry for maybe not maintaining my words, no analysis nor re-cap of prior week ! stuff heading on ATM

    But a fast re-cap about last months trades ~ 2.5%, perhaps not the finest, but compounding 2 3%/week for a few years will will create big-money

    My analysis is concerning the sam-e as a week ago.

    Bearish D ollar
    Bullish Pound
    Bullish Yen
    SoH on euro pairs.
    Bullish Gold

    So this week, I am in on 2 trades, Short UsdJpy and short AudCad

    Missed my entry on Swissy and UsdCad short, would have been ideal but exactly what do you do.. pending orders duh!!

    Gonna post several charts exhibiting where I am a-T atm.

    Hope you all have an excellent trading week, green pips to you all

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    4 Attachment(s) So AudCad short, bounce from the support turnet resistance re-test - easy entry, needed to take a large SL tho because that was the only reasonable location for me personally.

    Swissy would have now been so beautiful.. right to the EQ of an H-4 OB, moved a way swiftly 60 pips. You will find always still another trade setup across the corner therefore no concerns about lacking out! presently observing Andre1, if it breaks below 9735~ I will view to get a re-test and go short.

    UsdCad I 'd alarm established if it went to 1.3508, just hardly missed it, but great to see the analysis doing work for you!

    And the pair I am presently observing is GbpUsd.

    GbpUsd long off of the re-test of support turned resistance in conjunction with directional bias and dollar bearishness.

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    1 Attachment(s) GbpUsd - Reason why in previous post

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    4 Attachment(s)
    Quote Originally Posted by
    GbpUsd - Reason why in prior post image
    This GbpUsd trade hit my SL unfortunately. -1%.

    I Have been a small bit busy these last 2 times, was my birthday, had some career interviews etc. s O perhaps not much trading heading on - gotten in on a few that compensated me a small bit at least

    So here goes

    I got one lively trade ATM - UsdJpy short, risking 1.5% - hit my daily, H-4 and H-1 orderblock (all lined-up completely), 3 pip SL.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _

    The trades I have taken are as subsequent

    AudCad short, risk 0.5%.
    It was a retest of prior support turned resistance, managed to seize 0.5%. I the relaxation run with allow took off 5-0% at 2 Rs and fewpips SL got stopped out therefore rather of OF JUST ONE% obtain I needed to accept 0.6%.

    The AudCad trade is one I miss-managed bigtime, I missed from 7%~ of the transfer, but we win or we discover, basic as that

    UsdJpy short, risk 1%.
    Same as the AudCad one, easy re-test of support turned resistance using a directional bias in thoughts being bearish dollar. And i took off half at 2 Rs and left relaxation to go until stopped out a T BE. TP or total of 1.1% obtain.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _

    I'm searching a-T Swissy short if chance comes up to morrow with all the news if perhaps not, I am out for the week

    Stay green everyone else and be careful using the news tomorrow

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    Well that sucks to see.. If I stored it working ha ha would have been a sound 7% obtain on my UsdJpy trade

    Well, I am formally completed for this particular week guys

    I 'll see you sunday/monday

    Stay green and have a fantastic weekend

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    1 Attachment(s) I closed the UsdJpy trade due to the upcoming news, finished up with a 1.1% obtain at least.

    So for the news, I am watching Swissy, UsdJpy and UsdCad.

    If no Thing turns up flawlessly I am sitting on my fingers for the relaxation of to day and with that I am done-for the week

    Quick summarize from all trades taken this week

    Total trades: 7
    Total wins / losses: 6-1 (85.7% winrate)
    Well, 4 1 (8% winrate) is mo-Re correct because since I have took partial profits on 2 on the trades producing it seem like 4 wins rather of 2.

    UsdJpy 2.2% obtain
    AudCad 0.6% gain
    GbpUsd -0% acquire

    Total: 2.8%

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    4 Attachment(s) Soooooo.. I have been quite in Active since friday because of birthdays me and my older brother, having difficulty with my ears and just random stuff..

    This week I am just about sitting on my fingers because my broker is messing together with the margins due to the elections.

    I did control to get a great trade in to day, was a fast out and in, exited on account of the margin change in a few hours, I do perhaps not sense like being trapped using an open trade.

    So the trade:

    UsdJpy long in the EQ of the daily block, went in using a a good SL, 12 pips, risking 1.5% managed to seize a great 3.5% off of the transfer.

    I missed a trade setup on AudCad that I marked-up, sucks because it was an actually good move, however there is usually still another trade lurking round the corner therefore no need to sense leftout

    Other pairs I am observing this week is:

    Stay Green and have a fantastic week

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    1 Attachment(s) Last week I only took 1 trade (UsdJpy) which concluded up a success! I only took 2% of the transfer :/ I require to work mo Re on my exit strategy more.

    I did have a few signals that I disregarded mostly on account of the margin adjustments and properly to be truthful I was just pleased about my3.4% obtain and appreciated the relaxation of the week a way from the pc.

    What I am attempting to do for myself is to make trading easy, thinking ahead and controlling my inclination to over-trade and overleverage. That's my objective with this specific thread and I will consider it a plus when I help somebody out across the way

    So far, it is working out great! I did belong to my bad habits before it got out of hand, but I stopped myself and got out from the trade

    Who understood trading would be this mentally tough? I 've no issues with knowing the markets, viewing Andre1 for what it desires to do and what it is.

    My achilles heel is me, me ignoring logic and me performing up on feelings.

    Good point is I am still young, I got lots of time to understand and also make mistakes without it ruining my life.

    Have a fantastic weekend everybody and may the pips for ever be in your favor

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    4 Attachment(s) Hi again, sorry for being MIA

    So to quickly summarize what I have done from my last post is I have taken 3 trades, 1 proved a loser UsdCad lengthy -2% and I got 2 presently open NzdCad and AudCad lengthy

    I am really dreaming about many dollar bullishness now that it closed the little gap, but I am not dedicated to dollar atm so that I will just abandon it to show me what it desires to do, it will most probably continue down .

    I am still sitting on palms on EURO pairs, they took too much from me therefore still afraid of the thing haha

    I am hovering over AudUsd short, may come directly into play nowadays - I 'll only go if it moves to the EQ of the block / EQ of the complete candle - will observe Andre1 as it pans out, hoping my dollar bullishness can come in and assist me out to to seize a couple of pips here

    Other than that, not significantly heading on, my favored pair UsdJpy have perhaps not moved significantly recently, no Thing for me to get on.. would adore in order for it to breakaway now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by
    Hi again, sorry for being MIA! So to swiftly summarize what I have done from my last post is I have taken 3 trades, 1 proved a loser UsdCad lengthy -2% and I got 2 presently open NzdCad and AudCad long I am really dreaming about many dollar bullishness now that it closed the little gap, but I am not dedicated to dollar atm so that I will just abandon it to show me what it desires to do, it will most probably continue down . I am nonetheless sitting on palms on EURO pairs, they took too much from me therefore still afraid of the thing haha! I am hovering over AudUsd...

    Moving my SL on NzdCad to just just underneath weekly reduced, if it falls there again my trade thought is invalid anyhow, risk from 1.3% 0.8%.

    Also shifting my SL on AudCad to several pips below weekly reduced, sam e as NzdCad, if it extends back back there-my trading thought is invalid. Risk from 2.

    Currently up 3% on both trades mixed.

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    1 Attachment(s) This is what I see occurring to AudCad, usually great attempting to pro-Ject your ideas, map them out and view it it perform out

    Even easily drop, I'll win! I'M UNSTOPPABLE

    The strength to to put up on in spite of every-thing, the capacity to ENDURE! - this IS the winners quality. The capacity to encounter defeat again and again without quitting, the hunger

    This is a winners quality

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    2 Attachment(s) Aaaand I am out

    Seeing it is a sound 6% obtain I will go on it and head to the seashore with my wifey and doggy as an alternative, great climate outside

    I Will Be be straight back in time for the news

    Stay green people

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    1 Attachment(s) Just gonna drop this one-off

    So this is my equity curve since commencing this thread. So significantly I am remaining from my issue are as, concentrating on just retaining my principles to prevent the draw downs that are large on my equity - I am in it for the extended run

    Have an excellent day individuals

    Stay green

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    3 Attachment(s) So.. I am a bit unhappy I became popular my trade, but hey.. rather have cash in the bank.. no way of understanding Andre1 would rise with the news.. even though in my viewpoint, it is all fabricated to shift Andre1.. but whatever.. Nice arrived atleast that was true

    Might seem for an exhaustion in to OB perform on AudUsd if it looks right to me!

    Also UsdJpy ACQUIRE off the sam e region I acquired last time.

    Stay secure and Green pips to you all

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