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Thread: Minutes of the federal open market committee

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    Quote Originally Posted by angelena84
    Gold up!!! Double your account.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crisili
    Sooooo?? My FEDmeter reveals 1.0425 second E/U
    My 1 series me 1.0455

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    Quote Originally Posted by bribonml
    quote Next EUR/USD 1.08100
    EUR/USD range 1.04 / 1.08 both numbers are correct 1.0425 and 1.0810 ...My opinion ...Good Luck

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    ...They also expressed concern that the very low level of implied volatility in equity markets appeared inconsistent with the substantial uncertainty attending the outlook for such policy initiatives.

    Stock market prepared for a enormous drop, what exactly does it mean to USD?

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    Sitting nicely 5th afternoon on brief USD/JPY... That is the energy of price action and knowing where essential S/R places are... Targeting in 111.545... Get to a commerce long before the afternoon like now and after that you do not need to be concerned about the news becouse you have plenty of room to your price to jump up and down and from the end of the afternoon you are going to find the response wheather you will need to escape the trade or you will still on course...

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    Quote Originally Posted by xianusky
    quote EUR/USD range 1.04 / 1.08 both amounts are right 1.0425 and 1.0810 ...My view ...Good Luck
    Yes you have a point...
    Can this chart fine?
    Now believing it may spike greater...but 0800 overly improbable...#194#160

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    Crisili I believe EUR/USD possess the capability to bounce back fairly large... even 1.08... weekly each week candle was a trap pub if this week each week end as a bullish trap pub this will mean company by the bulls... so much they around the course...

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    Jump on a train today before it leaves the station... and find out where it takes you... Should you wait you may not find a better opportunity...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jesustable
    Kick a train today before it leaves the station... and find out where it takes you... Should you wait you may not find a better opportunity...
    The lengthy run?
    No it is not for me personally.
    Some time back I decided I will search FOR shorts.

    That could change...
    GL all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crisili
    quote The lengthy train? No it is not for me. Some time back I decided I will search FOR shorts. That will change... GL all.
    Seems as if you are sticking to a strategy... That is all that matters... Instead then wanting you lots of pips that I want you great deals and the pips will probably come together also...

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    Now any sort of USD associated news imply ... USD down

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    USD Hawkish? Expect positive NFP that this friday since ADP is upward.

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    Looks like traders are uncertain how to translate this announcement, if price action is not anything to go by

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    Time to Short USD for Today.

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    Yep... scalped couple green pips currently... but price swings in both directions

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    Quote Originally Posted by anaes9
    Time to Brief USD for the time being.
    The way you read it USD DOWN ?

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    This report is a whole catastrophe for USD , the US market isn't doing well at all , As Dimon stated, there's something incorrect with the US Economy. It is stating that the fed Isn't Satisfied with little improvements in the labour markets lately and reduced inflationary environment ,,,, wow that is really bad

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