2 Attachment(s) The National Bank of Belgium's business barometer has dropped straight back marginally through the month of May. Overall,
there's been very little change on the last 3 months.
For the third time working, the business environment has deteriorated in company-related providers. Furthermore, after having
been on a minor upward route since last December, the constructing business noticed a down turn in the indicator. In the trade
sector, to the opposite hand, there was another large boost to business confidence. And finally, in the producing market,
the indicator firmed up a little.
The renewed lack of confidence seen in in the enterprise services sector is almost totally due to to a much more
unfavorable appraisal of the current level of action.
In the building business, gear was used less intensively, while order guides weakened and received a less
favourable evaluation.
The increase in the indicator for the trade sector is described by way of a sharp upward revision of demand forecasts and, particularly,
of the outlook for orders placed with suppliers.
Finally, in the producing market, the indicator elements confirmed contrasting trends.
The general smoothed artificial curve, which mirror