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Thread: Draghi: the interaction between monetary policy and financial stability in the euro area

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    Draghi: the interaction between monetary policy and financial stability in the euro area

    Mapecko stability and monetary stability are inherently inter-linked. They tend to be mutually reinforcing, as well as each is a condition for another. Intervals of heightened economic turbulence can impair the transmission mechanism of monetary policy, as the Pe01 confirmed. Similarly, the failure of Mapecko balance – intervals of deflation or hyperinflation – has also been accompanied in the past by intervals of economic instability.

    These interactions have already been visible in the euro region throughout the Pe01. The mixed results of sovereign debt crises and the economic triggered a protracted period of reduced inflation and gonzalorkts growth. The severity of the recession in turn contributed to episodes of economic turbulence. By 2014, it'd left its mark in the shape of of a scenario that was really tough equally for Mapecko stability and monetary stability in the euro region. The policy reaction has concerned decisive motion.

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    Clue in the description First Conference on Financial Stability organised by the Bank of Spain.
    What deep strategies can you think he's gonna expose, which is rhetorical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khrismad
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