1 Attachment(s) Who or what exactly is keeping inventory prices up-even as there's steady economic and political turmoil round the entire world?

Could it be Switzerland?

Stock prices fell sharply last Wednesday when the newest “scandal” — and I really don't even remember what it was — struck the Trump administration. I mentioned in a column on Thursday my Top 10 causes US investors should be cautious of ever-increasing stock prices.

One of the 10 issues was the manipulation of equities markets by nations like China and Japan, which proudly confess to doing so.

And then there is the mysterious situation of Switzerland, which has a massive portfolio of US shares — and no clear cause it keeps buying.

According to its last filing together with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Swiss National Bank owned more than $63 billion worth of inventory — most of it in US organizations.

In truth, that sum was $1-billion greater than it was in the prior quarterly filing with the SEC.

Since big share holders are only needed to make quarterly reports to the SEC, there is no telling how energetic the Swiss National Bank is on a given day or whether it jumps in to support weak markets.

The newest submitting integrated over 15 15-million shares of Apple, 1-3 million Intel, 2-5 million General Electric, 6.6 million Facebook, 10-million Ford, 1-3 million Intel and on and on and…

In truth, a printed listing of all the stocks is 66 pages long.

No matter precisely what the motive is for the purchase of that inventory, the end result is the same — it is helping to prop up stock prices.

And, I confess, the purpose for the Swiss appetite for shares could b