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    For the past couple years, I've lost so much in FX market. (Not only money, but also Time)
    But in the exact same time, I learned a lot in my past mistakes.

    The reason for me to write this trading journal is to keep the listing of trades and also be able to find out what I have done wrong and right.
    I truly hope I can regularly update this journal and end up as a successful trader.

    From today (July 17th, 2010), I will post trade updates with how my account is growing.
    I've opened a new account with $2k, and I am down 10-15% thus far.
    My initial goal is to double this account without risking too much.

    My trading style is utilizing S/R and trendline workouts.
    My winning rate with BO trading is comparatively large 70% or higher.
    Plus, I will not trade long term trades, unless I am currently in a winning transaction.
    This also means, I will not add to losing trades.

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    1. When entering a transaction, enter 3 lots
    2. SL has to be set to preceding high/low
    3. When in profit by 10-20pips, close 1 lot
    4. When I believe price is moving in my favor, place SL to BE
    5. Close 1 lot in initial target stage
    6. Allow the 1 lot run until 2*tp

    *I'm inputting transactions based on my 15chart signals/breakouts

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    Quote Originally Posted by ; struck -19pips on 2 lots so 38pips in reduction
    Reentered brief and yet another 20ish pips loss on 2lots...

    But I was able to ch lt break on G/U to get 10~15pips on 5lots.
    I got out too early and I have to admit that getting out was a lousy decision!!!
    It's fallen 20 more pips from the level where I chickened out.

    Well, might have been another story, if only price had bounced right back up.

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    I've said about the way I reentered brief position on U/chf...
    What the hell was I thinking??????
    This pair has obviously broken resistance degree and it had been just retesting that it...
    I have to have reversed my position, instead of trying to pick a top.
    Well. . .the very good part is that I had a somewhat tight quit. . .thank god

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    Well last idea for the day!

    *Getting a successful trader is not about how many times you'll be able to trade daily or just how much money you can make daily. . .it is all about controlling the Amount of trades and Just enter high probability trades...

    well it sounded much better in my mind, but I forgot the exact was something like that;;lol

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    Suddenly trading feels really hard...
    Early this week, I had been doing a fantastic job, making profitable trades. However, beginning on Wednesday and till today (Friday morning), I'm basically freaking myself out.
    Each time that I examine and place a trade order, price only turns out and go another way...

    After giving some ideas on why I'm making bad trades, I came to two possible conclusions.

    1. I'm ignoring the major trend.

    2. I am not giving enough time for trades to work out and also I am not really seeing what's on the monitor.

    *I'm still quite confused, and for this reason, I am going to place my trend plans here before entering trades

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    Two charts:
    First chart is using wave counts.
    I'm still very new with tide counts, but when my counts are correct up to (4), then I see another upthrust to blue coloured area and a drop.

    Second chart is using S/R.
    IMHO, U/C doesn't actually have much more room to go further up.
    It has attained Weekly R1 level, which is a really important resistance level.
    As previously noticed, this level revealed lots of confluence.
    But, since NY revealed much of advertising pressure, I anticipate Asia EU will open very week on Monday. This will bring about additional weakness among commodity currencies.
    In the event of additional sell-off on monday, I anticipate U/C to further go up reaching as large as 1.061ish level. This level is also where down-sloping trendline exists.

    *Also, considering Canadian market with the rest, I think that CAD should have seen parity level with USD long time ago.

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    Looks interesting.
    Definitely a Fantastic spot to long.

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    Similar thought with my analysis on USD/CHF.
    This pair is testing the long term downtrend fashion line atm.
    I did enter a brief position , but I got stopped out as it flied up.
    However, this pair could not complete the day over the trend line.
    So, I still believe it'll invisibly from here until another upmove begins.
    Also, there is bearish divergence forming 4h chart!

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    This transaction did reach my initial target, but it bounced back up
    Nevertheless in the trade. .

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Much like my analysis about USD/CHF.
    This pair is testing the long term downtrend fashion line atm.
    I'd enter a short position yesterday, but I have stopped out as it flied up.
    But, this pair could not complete the day above the trend line.
    So, I still believe it'll invisibly from here until the following upmove begins.
    Also, there is bearish divergence forming on 4h chart!

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