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Thread: Gaming Rig Trading

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    Trading for the purpose of'being financially liberated' or to turn $1000 to $1000000 are not targets you want to start out with in my own opinion. You have to set small goals to reach and set larger goals as you are more successful.

    Because I am bored and I am overdue for a pc gaming rig, I want to begin a journal to develop $400 to buy a updated gaming rig at the next 6 months.

    I plan to buy one of these:
    with habit add-ons of course. So the entire thing likely gonna cost me around $800.

    Which means I am trying to double up at the next 6 months. To a few of you that's an easy snap of the finger, but that's not hte purpose of this diary. It doesn't matter just how much money you created from the account if all goes down the drain afterwards on in losses. It's all about withdrawing your profits and actually using it to get something. I just want to share how trading will help cover the little things in life that you want.

    Update 1:
    I set up a $1800 additional buy-in on 3/15/11 after series of losses because of plogical hiccups. I was able to turn additional profits from that buy in.

    Update 2:
    Withdrew $200 profits on 4/1/11

    Update 3:
    Deposit $1000 on 5/2/11 to capitalize on shorting EURUSD

    I will post daily p/l and monthly statements since they come. And hopefully at then end able to withdraw $800. I will also post daily pics of trades if I am not too lazy.

    Let's get it on...

    Feb $214,$214

    Mar $461,$675

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    seems like this is gonna be a brief journal?
    Sounds great so far, hilmy, way to proceed. I'll be watching with fantastic interest. I've enjoyed your posts in different threads so I'm glad to find a few examples of your trades.


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    For friday

    initially I wanted to brief, although I would've been didn't'feel' right when price reversed from that breakout point, and so I closed. I then made a decision to go long, and the 50 amount was my last submission. The trade didn't go loewr compared to a few pips compared to that. I fell asleep waiting for price to move higher. So I missed the 50 pip proceed to include more positions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Sounds great so far, hilmy, way to proceed. I will be watching with fantastic interest. I've enjoyed your posts in different threads so I'm glad to find a few examples of your transactions.

    Best, relyt.
    anytime relyt...


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    Monday's Transactions

    Not so hot Now. I closed my breakout. Shorted added more and shortly after that.
    My initial TP is the 3650 level. I was just not convinced it would hit that although my read states it will. Will keep tracking this in the US session, may be slow as it's presidents day

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Monday's Transactions

    Not Too hot today. I shut my breakout. Shorted added more and right then.
    My initial TP is your 3650 level. I was not convinced that it would hit that although my read states it will. Will keep monitoring this at the US session, might be slow as it's presidents afternoon
    bah! I was right. Went few pips past the 3650 mark as I thought. I inform youthat initial up movement would have scared a lot of weak shorts...

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    good breakout entries. Initially I wanted to target the 3600, however there's a strong consolidation at 3690, so I decided to just aim there.

    price just shot up beyond 3600. It stings a little...

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    Not a good day up to now. Originally closed out a small loss. Then I chose to straddle a breakout, got faked on the downside and today I'm currently long from 3755. If price somehow go to 3800 it might be a breakeven day. If not, then I'd be down -20%.

    What I learn is that I have to have a strong tendency into account when placing trades. Perhaps Asian or premature Euro session can save my bum?

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    Price just would not go to 3800. At some point during asian session got some tips from price that this wouldn't occur, but I simply would not let go and hoping to get out at breakeven.

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    Quick shorts following a strong up burst. I didn't do it on such move, although I could have translated my price flow to fit that move

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