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    I would like an ATR indior which utilizes open and close prices instead of low and high. Does an indior exist?

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    Was looking for something similar could not find so fast wrote a purpose. I know this is old but it is.

    Havent tested it but wanted to post earlier I forgot to:

    double atr_close( string symbol, int timeframe, int period, int cancel )

    if ( Bars lt; interval )

    return 0;

    int count=0;

    double atr_temp=0;
    double atr_total=0;

    for ( int I=counter; ilt;period counter; I )

    double available =iOpen(symbol,interval,I);
    double close=iClose(symbol,interval,I);

    if (atr_temp lt; 0)


    atr_total=atr_total atr_temp;
    count ;

    return atr_total/count;

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    I am looking for the exact same but also need more choices. :--RRB- I only started a thread for this.

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    Hello, I have exactly the identical request. Only the absolute value of (open-close) of price bar, showing at the base window like the ATR the first mt4 indior that comes with the mt4 platform, could someone please help us?
    Thanks in advance!

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