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Thread: myfxbook FXDD Demo Contest

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    I Have entered the FXDD Presentation Contest. I'll post a few of my trades and outcomes in this journal during the next 30 days or so before the contest is over, I discount, or I burn out.

    Method and approaches: All it takes to win, baby! But I am basically a price-time/Gann man , so do the mathematics.

    Strategy: Buy low sell high. Sell high buy non. Then add on anywhere in between.

    Competition begins 5/5 but I'll probably do a couple of trades before then just to be certain that the myfxbook link for my account is working.

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    Participating accounts begin each with a $1000 balance. Any present trading activity prior to the competition start date is going to be deleted at the start of the competition and the balance will be reset to $1000.

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    I entered the contest. I see that your testing with some big lots. Demo trading... no holding back. Should be interesting to determine the final results.

    Account balance should refresh on 5/5 correct?

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    yeah. I was only making sure I had the fxbook connection thing setup properly and how the upgrades work. Should be entertaining. and yeah. . I will either blow up on the first day or rake it in. Basically tourny poker design. I don't think trimming up is going to be sufficient. I have feeling I need to pull 1000% .

    Good luck to ya.

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    Regiion has ended. 388 contestants. Should be fun. Just like a buy in poker tourny. Contest starts in two days. Can't wait!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Regiion has finished. 388 contestants. Should be entertaining. Just like a buy in poker tourny. Competition begins in 2 days. Can not wait!
    Anyone who had register earlier want to try my super duper EA for the contest? With chance of blow it to max or margin call.

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    Holy crap. I damn near blew it on the initial trade. For some reason, I was thinking mini-lots and plunked down 1 unit thinking $1 per pip. Turned out to be a full lot and $10 per pip. This was a quick way to eliminate a massive chunk.

    But I left it up and then some shorting guppy with some add-ons. Up about 40% on the account. That's like 100% gain if you factor in the pit I'm just crawled out of. Sheeeesh. The fxdd contest stat thingee isn't working right. It's revealing my pre-contest stats. I have attached a screenie of the booked trades. Have a look at that initial commerce. . 24 pip stop loss. . Fairly safe... UNLESS IT'S FOR 1/3 OF YOUR ACCOUNT!!! Damn.

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    Up 22 on Euro and 22 on Cable. Long this time. Knowing when and always where is a beautiful thing.

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    Closed those longs. Now I'm offically up just over 50%. Tired and heading to bed. Market is most likely going to range. Fantastic scalp opps, but I'm done and do not need to tempt fate and jealousy.

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    Booked a couple of euro longs before I head to work. My standing says I'm 15th but I do not show up on the roster. Weird.

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