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Thread: EUR/USD Trades - the man in the mirror

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    A fresh beginning.

    Meaning that this journal was dormant for quite a while. I have since changed a lot in how I attempt transactions. This will thus now become my personal space for discussion.

    You all are welcome to provide me a stick if you wanna - only one rule.

    We can become as passionate as we want on discussing issues - as soon as one becomes personal, it is all over.

    Welcome into trading - for Dummies.


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    I'm putting another quick brief.

    Entry: 1.3648
    Cease: 1.3707
    TP: 1.3904

    Let's see....

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    Appears that the sign was reasonably good. Problem is that I get anxious if price doesn't go in my way earlier rather than later...

    I have left lots on the table. Going to spend some time with the children now.

    Have a good day, all

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    Entry: 1.3604
    Cease: 1.3715
    TP - see how price behaves. I believe the current bar for a retrace. Therefor the entrance. I think there are some pips to the drawback to be taken.

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    Correction - Cease was at 1.3615 not 1.3715 - see chart
    Exited commerce at 1.3570
    Profit taken

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    Entered Brief again

    Entrance: 1.3632
    Stop: 1.3652
    TP - determine how price acts. I see the current bar as another retrace. I am entering for a fast couple.

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    When I was you I'd certainly look at Multi-Time Frames for the determinating element.

    That I would also utilize 's Support Resistance Heat Map on the 5 minute and 15 minute with all the magnifiion taken down a couple of degrees.

    (Watch Programming Discussion - Dynamic Color)


    A very good system for doing that is your NanningBob 60x90 EA.

    (See Trading Systems - Nanningbob 60x90)

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    The retracement was deeper than expected, but survived by 1 pip. I'll now close the trade and go make a fire and have a few drinks.

    Exited for profit

    Have a Fantastic week-end.

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    Good day to you,

    Thanks for your comments. I will look at your ideas and will read...

    I will soon post my system here, but I am not fully comfortable with exits at present. Therefore my ch and run egy. Thanks again for getting involved...

    See soon

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