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    Please post any questions or comments pertaining to, a division of Gain Capital, here. This is an open debate for opinions, queries and general inquires. However, if you've got a time sensitive question or one containing private or private/security sensitive info please contact our service team via chat or phone.

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    How come the NFA fined only $459000 for unfaithful its clients?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Is your Gain GTX ECN platform available to larger retail clients or simply ECPs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Is your Gain GTX ECN platform readily available to larger retail clients or simply ECPs?
    Thanks for your query, fx_insider. Yes, part of the GTX account opening procedure is qualifying as an ECP (Eligible Contract Participant). Please allow me to know if you have any other questions regarding the GTX platform or the ECP qualifiion parameters.

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    How frequently the news update on

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    How frequently the news update on
    Hello Southern,
    The Today's News section of the platform updates every few minutes as the flow is provided by Dow Jones Newswires. Remember which you can expand all the headlines by clicking on it to browse the full article.

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    Check out this:

    I was scammed an never answered by iamfx in 2013 a gallant capital firm.

    EDIT: sorry iamfx is GALLANT CAPITAL. Not obtain funds.

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    Wow, that criticism was a long time ago, although the charges are severe. Can there be anything happening lately? FXCM NDD has big spreads, it's impossible for them to compete with Oanda. is a working desk, which means you must imagine they will be tempted to control trades if you start winning or simply close your account. Being in the USA sucks, since we're restricted to the brokers we could utilize. Seems as the brokers obtained laws passed to keep out competition. My buddy said he could not even start an account in Oanda, so maybe I was blessed to have started it earlier. I had been at MB Trading, but the slippage was excruciating and it's supposed to NDD I think.

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    Anyone have experience with I am using Oanda and I am happy but I am searching for more options. I simply left MB Trading FreeEXN since the slippage was rediculous, 1, 5, 15 pips and I trade micro lots (I'll continue to tell people this because my experience was so poor at MBT). Is great? My priority is on implementation not spread. MBT has a fantastic spread, but it is pointless considering the slippage. Why no testimonials of, the FXCM forum is packed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    How come the NFA fined just $459000 for unfaithful its clients?
    Thanks for your inquiry midnight. This was our initial response to the NFA BCC Case back in 2010:

    ”On October 27, 2010, GAIN Capital entered into a settlement with the National Futures Association to solve the pending proceeding against the firm, which comprised three claims relating to execution practices in its own Metatrader platform and its own former weekend liquidation policy. The company entered into a settlement without admitting or denying NFA's allegations and agreed to pay a fine of $459,000. As part of the settlement, the company also agreed to provide appropriate refunds to those clients who were affected by the practices explained in the NFA complaint”

    Since 2010 we've been working on providing transparency of execution that we supply to our clients. This information is easily available on our website via these links: Trade Execution Statistics Execution Quality Indior February 2013
    Execution Speed
    99.9percent of trades executed in under 1 minute (Represents all market and instant execution orders)

    .07 seconds is the average execution speed (Elapsed time between market order receipt and execution)

    Execution Price
    71 percent of limit orders price enhanced (Limit orders executed at a price better than the asked price)

    1.05 pips will be your typical price improvement per limit order [Pip difference between requested and executed price of price improved limit orders (currencies only)]

    100 percent of limit orders full at or better (Limit orders executed at the requested rate or better)

    Execution Rate
    99.9percent of trades successfully executed (Contains all legitimate market, instant execution, limit and prevent order requests) Execution Scorecard

    Of course if there are any problems or discrepancies with your execution or anything else please contact us immediately. We will ensure your account is handled fairly.

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